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              With the birth of a large number of Luban prize winning projects, material suppliers making great contribution to these projects have become industry leaders. The title of " The 2015 Luban Prize for meritorious service supplier " thus came into being.






              " The Luban Prize for meritorious service supplier " is a professional evaluation of a supplier’s reputation, technology leadership, management standards, quality, reliability, and service quality in a Luban construction project. After reporting, confirmation by Luban project users, validation by experts, and online publicity, Guangzhou Compton Zhigao Building Materials Co., Ltd (Compton Zhigao for short) was awarded the honorary title of " The 2015 Luban Prize for meritorious service supplier ".


              October 28, 2015, Members’ General Assembly of the Material Branch under China Construction Industry Association officially commended and granted awards to 10 annual " The 2015 Luban Prize for meritorious service supplier ", including Compton Zhigao.


              Over the past five years, Compton Zhigao has participated in 23 projects winning the China Construction Project Luban Prize (National Quality Project). With excellent quality and wide applicability, Compton Zhigao has attracted widespread attention in the industry. In its metal ceiling systems, Compton Zhigao takes full advantages of its global experience and provides a rich product portfolio. It also combines advantages of functionality, economics and environmental protection. Using superior technologies, Compton Zhigao is able to meet needs of customers in various fields, achieve advanced design concepts, and enhance values of customers’ projects.






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