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              Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center (PAFC for short), Known as the new milestone in China's architectural history, was unveiled to the world. As a new model of Chinese architecture, PAFC is a super high-rise building in the world and a source of pride for China!







              PAFC is located in the Futian District, Block 1 and at the southwest corner of the intersection of the Nanshan Road and Fuhua Road. It covers a total area of 18,931.74 square meters. It features convenient transportation systems. There are Metro Line 1 and Line 3 and Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Intercity High Speed Rail under the ground. Above the ground is an easily-accessible public transportation system. A three-dimensional transportation system is also located on two floors above the ground and connected with surrounding architectural complexes. Now, the base of the PAFC’s main body is sealed and PAFC officially enters the rank of super high-rise buildings in the world.






              Compton Zhigao metal ceilings got excellent reputation in the brand library of Ping An Group. The former Ping An Shenzhen headquarters (located in Shenzhen Xinghe Building) has used Compton Zhigao’s aluminum honeycomb ceiling systems. Moreover, in the China Ping An Financial Building located in Lujiazui, Shanghai, all the office space has used Compton Zhigao’s 600 lay in ceiling systems. This time, the partnership between Compton Zhigao and Ping An Group further expands in the PAFC project. Compton Zhigao’s 600F composite ceiling system and upgraded aluminum profile keel structure are deeply appreciated by owners and designers. At the same time, Compton Zhigao also undertakes the work of deepening design and installation. We provides perfect decorative effects by its outstanding quality and services.







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