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              Ningbo Bonded Area was established in November 1992 with the approval of the State Council. It is divided into the Eastern, Western, and Southern zones and covers a total area of 2.3 square kilometers. It is the only Bonded Area in Zhejiang province. The Area enjoys the policy of "license-free, tax-free, and bonded" and is specially supervised by the China Customs. It is one of the areas in China that have the highest openness to the outside world and the most favorable economic policies. Ningbo Bonded Area has three main categories of functions, which are import, export and processing, international trade, and warehousing and logistics.




              Ningbo Bonded Area office building is also called the seaport service center. On its first floor is the guarantee center, and the other floors are just office spaces. In this project, Compton has joined in the construction of the metal ceiling system and the metal partition system. In addition to the office partition system, Compton also takes part in building the toilet partition system and fire doors. 

              Compton metal partition systems can be created by combining steel, wood and glass in different ways. Single/double glazing glasses can be equipped with electric blinds. Class-A steel material is used, with fire resistance up to 90 minutes and sound insulation up to 45-50 dB. The plates and the entire system can be dismantled and reassembled to meet the changing needs of different spaces. Steel material is also used for doors, with their surfaces treated by the wood thermal transfer printing process, which makes them not only safe but also environmentally friendly and stylish.

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