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              Zhuhai International Convention Center watches Macao across the river and covers an area of 269,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 700,000 square meters for Phase 1. It composes of three big parts including the International Exhibition Center, the International Conference Center and auxiliary facilities. In terms of hardware facilities, it has reached first-class level worldwide and is a large comprehensive convention and exhibition venue that is rare in China and integrates exhibitions, conferences, theaters, concert halls and hotels in one.



              The outer shape of the pavilion looks like opened wings, giving a friendly and inclusive sense. The metal panels are layered like feathers on the outer wall. Visitors unconsciously follow the curved exterior wall and enter into the interior.Entering the convention center hall, visitors get a panoramic view of the interior space. Compton metal ceilings and metal wall panels create an open, dignified, and peaceful atmosphere for the space. Above the walls are interspersed many highly textured metal bars, on which lights refract and radiate so that the whole environment looks soft and stretched.


              The Zhuhai Motor Show happens to be on stage at this time of the year and numerous luxury cars are on display. On the huge space, Compton 610 mixed ceiling system is used, mainly in a white tone, where the white punch plates visually show a grayish color, forming a spaced yet continuous effect. The white punch plates also absorb sounds in the exhibition space. Though packed with people, the convention center is not noisy at all.

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