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              COMPTON Group has constantly carried out innovations and improvements of products and technologies since its establishment, and has registered more than 2,300 patents. Most of the high-quality production equipment of famous-brand metal suspended-ceiling products is made by COMPTON.


              Its metal ceiling products are well acclaimed in many countries because of their good quality, considerate service and wide applicability, and have been adopted by a large number of developers, designers, builders and engineering companies. Its products occupy the biggest market share and have the strongest competitive abilities; for example, the sales quantity of CMC (COMPTON metal ceiling) products in the Great China has exceeded 8 million square meters.


              COMPTON took the lead in obtaining ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification, and has internationally-advanced production equipment and technologies for metal ceilings. With good quality and wide variety, its products can satisfy the needs of various places.

              COMPTON has completed the construction of many large projects in Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia for COMPTON GROUP. For promoting the CMC products in China, the Group established a wholly-owned production base, i.e. Guangzhou Compton Zhigao Building Materials Co., Ltd., in order to timely provide high-quality professional service.


              From the beginning of each project, COMPTON Group makes efforts to understand the needs of customers, make in-depth survey and find out the most rational and flexible solutions. With the development, production and marketing of new products as well as constant improvements of service, CMC products will be world-renowned soon.


              As an exemplary enterprise in the industry, COMPTON will, adhering to the concept of perseverance and elaboration, get into the swing of improvements and innovations in order to enhance industrial standards constantly.

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